The Barack Epoch
                                   Don't you love the sound of that?
I actually thought of it as I woke from a dream.
As we enter The Barack Epoch, I hope it continues our Nation's 62 Year Tradition of not dropping Atom Bombs on People. 

Eight Years after visiting Hiroshima, the anniversary now 70 years. Infinate Sadness.

(August 2015.)

(August 2016.) Obama became the first president to visit Peace Park in Hiroshima. Too bad he cant run again. 

My America Year started with the Olympics.

Obama got elected.

Obama got Inaugurated.

After a year of living in America, I see things have gotten very weird out there. The crazies have come out of their dungeon basements and up into the cities to protest with giant posters of Obama as Hitler or a Witch Doctor. Keep in mind that it was Sarah Palin who had a witch hunting shaman pray for her to raise funds in her Wasilla church.
Weird. Sad. This too shall pass.

2011 Update:
Sarah Palin encouraged these wack-jobs outta their dungeons and told them to reload instead of retreating. So one of them just shot a Congresswomen in the head. This is why normal people vote for Democrats. Shame on the rest of you. Shame. 

2014 Update: Sarah and John Of Orange want Obama sued, dogged, impeached, and pillorried.  "Heck NO! You Can't!"

Tokohu tsunami, Pacific side of north Honshu.

Japan quake! March 11, 2011

What a disaster. What we can do to help? I am open to suggestion.

We need to radically change our priorities and take the cues of Japanese social cooperation. Shared purpose, shared sacrifice, shared struggle.

On the day I launched this website:  I was visiting the homestead.

About 3 that afternoon, I was loading my stuff into the car on the driveway when I heard

a big crunching sound about two blocks away. I thought it was construction equipment,

like a front-end loader backing off of its trailer. Then more loud clanging and another

bunch of crunching. I walked inside and everyone was asking "What did you do?

What happened?" et cetera.

"I think there's some construction equipment..."

"The power went off!" they interrupted.  I jumped in the car and drove to where the

sound came from. There was a big gasoline tanker truck, half in the Marathon gas

station, with a snapped wooden power pole laying against its side, and power lines

draped all over it.

Here are some pictures: (Note the non-functioning traffic lights.)

SOCI tanker tried backing into Marathon

















We were bug eyed at what we saw

















 Eventually, a cop yelled "You people don't want to be standing around here if that tanker blows up!"

It was backing into the Marathon gas/car wash. It could not pull to the filler ports by driving straight in.

Backing in, the idiot driver didn't see the pole. The tanker was FULL with maybe 6,000 gallons of gasoline.

I took this picture from the parking lot of the CVS pharmacy. The manager of the CVS pharmacy was on

his cell phone saying he saw showers of sparks raining down on the tanker.

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